There is no place like home,
Where the living room radiates life,
So undeniably warm
It's impossible to be down cast.
Cast down all negativity and build
Positivity where it seems no place can hold.

There is no place like home,
So why don't I feel whole?
Within these wallpapered rooms
Etchings of some pretty fabric
Stares back at me while I weep.
There is no living room full of life,
Just a room with sunken couch pillows.
Worn window panes pull curtains
Of perfection over the eyes of our neighbors.
This house can never be a home
With this many holes.

So I sit in said holes.
Holding a book thicker than my skin,
And leaf through it to find the fruit
Spoken to come from within.
I read and find home in this book,
The warmth of a thousand kisses
From grandma fill me up inside,
Till there is no room for negativity.
This book builds positivity,
I'm positive there is a place here for me.

He will take delight in you with gladness,
How must this be when I am afraid
How can one delight in broken pieces
Of a once perfectly good mirror?
The image staring back looks with sadness,
I read about He, Him delighting with gladness,
I nest this in my heart of hearts
Hoping it will just be more than a few words
Sewn together to look pretty.

It says something about love --- what is that?
I read on, it says:
With His love, he will calm all your fears.
How can the very thing I am afraid of,
Be the very thing to calm me?
Call me, whisper my name in the dark,
Guide me to the rejoicing you say will come;
He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

To delight is to:
Take great pleasure in.
You will take great pleasure in me.
Open my eyes to see Your delight.
Open my heart to feel Your delight.
To be receptive of the inevitable.

Delight in me,
As I delight in you!