My chair seems harder than I remember
As my right leg bounces up and down
In a fast motion I am beckoned to remember
The day it all began…

The dance floor was beginning to clear
Yet the song we got up to dance to
Was still playing and we were swaying

The height difference placed my
Now feather light head on your abdomen
Your right hand held the small of my back
Your left hand was secured to your right
My hands clung tight behind your spine
As if tasked to keep it attached and in place
I was brought back to the room
And the surroundings were made known
When the song began to sound more like
Your voice

I looked up my five feet and four inches
Made me search for your face
Hanging from your six feet and two inches worth of limbs
You leaned down closing the gap
And lightly asked if I wanted to sit down
At this invitation I opened my eyes
Forced to return to reality I whispered
Into the dance floor
It was not clear to me that
Your ear was on the other side of my lips

So what I thought you heard you did not
In fact a slight moment of confusion
Fell in sync to our swaying
When I realized we were still swaying
I took the swaying as a sign that
I was not the only one who wanted
To be here forever either
So we swayed until the song regained
Its voice of origin

To the seats you mentioned to me we went
As you tumbled into the chair
Your six feet once again made my five foot
Self feel leveled our sitting made
The vertical hill a horizontal plane
You plainly leaned over to me
Found my right ear again and whispered
           Do you want to kiss?
Instantly I grew to your six feel
My heart added a foot to my short
Knowledge of what that actually was

Surely it was more than pressing
Our mouths together

Out of “girlfriend” obligations I once
Again found myself simply saying
Out of nervousness I did not lean into you
No I kept my head straight
Your best friend was sitting on the other side of me
I felt him watching
So I froze even longer

Until yet again you closed the gap
Made me feel six feet tall and whispered
Can you turn around?
I turned my head for what seemed like
Twenty minutes before we connected
It was then we became the song on the speaker


I didn’t have as much trouble sleeping as usual
I laid in my bed with a grin too real to take off
As I laid there lights off no music
I could only hear our song I could only see our swaying
I replayed the song and swayed until sleep came


I sit years later before someone
It isn’t you and it isn’t me
The song on the speaker sounds not like us
It sounds like them
Years later when I can’t sleep
I sometimes find myself swaying
I hear our song on the speaker
Until sleep befalls me

Sometimes it’s you
Sometimes it’s him
Sometimes it’s whoever I imagine create
I sit years later before someone
Talking about you the start of it all
Talking about him the sequel coming after us


I’ve tried to confess this before
There was no understanding
I’m attempting to confess this now
With hopes of ending the swaying
To our sometimes song on
The speakers in my mind