I feel like lately I have been in a dry place in life. I have been finding it hard to keep joy and peace, each day I pray for it, sometimes more than once throughout the day. What more is there for me to do?

Being in prayer, intentional prayer has been a struggle for me. It is not that I do not enjoy praying or speaking to my Heavenly Father, it is more so about me not feeling like doing anything at all. How can I revive the spirit that has seemed to have dampened in motivation and in zeal.

What I have noticed is that when I do find the gusto to pray and pray aloud, I feel the Lord with me. The difficulty comes with being in that place to pray always, despite what I may be feeling. To pray without ceasing and to open my mouth to speak to my Heavenly Father even when it seems hard.

These past few weeks, I have had friends check-in on me and ask how I have been, what I have said was, "I feel like I am in a rough place and the sanding process has been slow" – in the moment, I did not really understand just how that perfectly depicted where I have been lately. I have had a sanding experience, a piece of sandpaper applied with pressure to a piece of wood, after a few strokes the texture of the wood has become smoother. As I kept brushing the piece of wood with the sandpaper, the wood continued to become smooth and so did the sandpaper.

What I have been learning is that, this place I am in life, this dry place; is happening as an. act to smooth out somethings that have been a little rough in my life. As I go before the Lord in prayer, despite feeling unmotivated, the smoother my day will be. Not only will my day be smoother, but also I am preparing myself for another time, when I may feel low or depleted. I can think back to this dry place and remember I made it through, with a little bit of sanding.

This applies to me now for my prayer time but it also applies to my work situation.

The Lord is sanding me each day I go into work. Recently in prayer He told me where I am now is not my final destination. The capacity that I am working in is not the capacity He wants me to stay in, He said there is more and that he would provide me an opportunity to leave but I have to wait.

Ever since this came up in prayer it seems like going into work has been harder for me. I pray before walking in but sometimes the joy and peace I feel leaves me as the work day goes on. Looking at that, I am noticing that is a part of the sanding process. On the days the joy and peace leaves me I practice sanding by praying again, taking a moment to whisper a payer.

What ways do you feel you are in a dry place and undergoing the sanding process?

Inviting the Lord into my dry place makes it a little more durable. Inviting the Lord to sand out the rough parts of me and the rough parts of my life, does not feel great but it is a little more durable knowing He is the one wanting me to become smoother, in my speech, in my attitude, in my prayer life, etc.

I invite you to allow the Lord to come into your dry place and to let Him sand anything in your life that needs to be a little smoother.

I will leave us with a prayer,

Heavenly Father, I thank you for your peace and comfort. I thank you that you are willing to meet with me in this dry place. I thank you that you have opened my eyes to see that I need you to smooth out parts of me that have been a little rough. I pray that as this dry place continues I would let you water my soul and refresh my spirit. I thank you for feeling no less of me when I fail to come to you in intentional prayer, you wait for me with hope and expectancy, thank you. I pray that you would help me to be content with where I am now as I wait for what is to come.

In your son Jesus' name, Amen

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