The bible talks a lot about how the sons and daughters of Christ, are created in His image. It also talks about denying self and putting on the likeliness of Christ. If it is true, that I was created in the image of God, then why don't I always feel that? Why don't I always know that to be true?

I believe the answer to those questions is rather simple. A lie will look like truth, until truth is found. In other words, I will believe what others say of me and what I may even say of myself, until the words in the bible are not just read as words, but they are read and believed as truth. I feel the bible is repetitive about my identity and the fact that I am created in the image of God because the Lord knew the struggle I would face in believing it, yet He wanted me to be assured of the truth. It is now up to me (with His help) to believe His words as truth.

I have struggled with myself image for a great part of my life. I have moments where I feel the image of God on me and I also have moments when I forget that is true and I feel less than. Through prayer, confession and communion with the Lord, I feel His desire for me to see myself in truth now more than ever.

I encourage you to spend some time in prayer and with the Lord through reading your bible, if your self image is anything other than "I am a child of God", I invite you to ask the Lord to make the truth of who you look like to be made true in your heart.

I will leave us with a prayer,

Father I thank you for your goodness and for your word. I pray now that I would surrender every false thought and word I have associated with my image and identity to you, that I may receive the truth spoken by you. I pray that you would lead me into confession to those around me for believing lies about my image and I ask that as I read your word and meet with you in prayer, the truth of my image would be made true and reign in my heart above all else.

I pray these things in Jesus' name, amen