I asked the Lord to reveal to me some of my passions, things I liked or enjoyed that I had no idea about. Here I am now, a few months after praying that prayer and I have found two passions I never really thought I had. I thought they were just interests but as I am allowing myself to engage in them more I find that they are more than just interests they are things I really really enjoy doing!

The first interest I found to be a passion is interior design/decorating. I have always been a fan of HGTV and watching the shows that showed rebuilding houses, house flipping, upgrading and renovations and anything related to creating either a new space or revamping an old space. Now I am taking classes and courses here and there and as I am learning more about the practice of interior design/decorating I am seeing that this really excites me and is more than just an interest.

The second interest I found to be a passion is creating! It is no secrect that I am a creative writer, I write poetry. So I have always had some understanding that creating and being creative was not just something I enjoyed here or there, but now that I have been learning more about the interior design/decorating world, I have been learning how to create things in a more hands on way than with writing poetry.

What I have found in these two passions is that God cares about what brings me joy and happiness. These two hobbies will probably continue to be hobbies I have for the rest of my life, and I know that after a stressful day of work I can go home and make macrame or make a mood board and look at some videos about interior design and no longer be stressed. I have also found that the time I spend doing these things I also have the opportunity to offer it up as worship to the Lord and He will delight in it.

I encourage you to think about some of your hobbies and ask the Lord if He would receive them as worship.