1Samuel 25

Samuel has died and the people of Israel are mourning his death. David has also gone to be in the desert, while he is there he meets Nabal, a wealthy man who is evil and unfriendly.

David once again finds himself in a position of a decision to fight or to flee. In this chapter the Lord sends two people to intervene and to stop David from acting in anger. The first person is a servant of Nabal (25:14-17) and the second person is the wife of Nabal. In the middle of David starting to react on his decision to kill him and to bring calamity, Nabal's wife stops him (25:24). This reminds me of how the Lord has sent two people to rescue us, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. David made up in his mind that Nabal's response to his servants warranted his wrath, so he prepared himself and his men to wage war against Nabal and his men. While David was preparing his men for battle, Abigail was putting together a plan of rescue (25:18).

Can you think of a time where you tried to rescue yourself from something before asking the Lord to rescue you? I encourage you who are in need of rescue to be still and let the Lord rescue you, because He will!

I will leave us with a prayer,

Lord I thank you for your faithfulness to me. I praise you because you are my deliver in my time of need and you are a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I ask that you would continue to shine upon me and lead me to your safety and to your cross. I pray for your voice and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to silence my thoughts when I am trying to rescue myself. I pray I would allow you to be the one to rescue me.

I pray all of these things in Jesus' name,