Too many times,
my eyes watched,
from behind the gray
colored net.

I watched from
a distance thinking
I was safer that
way. If I saw from
afar, I could stop
the thoughts. Yet the
distance only increased
heart rates and desires.

I got closer. After
hearing your desires
matched mine, the
thought of what
could be intrigued
me. I decided to
sink into your

I wanted you.
I wanted,
you to surround
me. To fall into
the strength
of your arms.
To look around
and only see your skin.

To be swung in your arms,
like that bat
getting you to
second base.
I wanted to
round the
corner of your heart.

To be in the line
leading to the
candy, sweetness
of your smile.
I wanted you.
I wanted you,
to hear the words
I never spoke. To be
seated again in those bleachers.