On rainy days like this
I tend to grab my trench coat
The one that's water resistant
Fully equipped with a hood and ties
Around my mid section

The hood is detachable
Yet I only seem to like it when it rains
When the clouds come together
And give a drum roll for my stepping outside
Allowing my head to recline and fall backward
Then it begins

The heavens open and her tears fall
Embroidering my cheeks ever so lightly
Dotting all the I's I forgot to capitalize
Crossing all the T's I fail to allow
Touching my sun kissed skin
Reminding me it's not about me

Telling me to think of the others
Running by seeking shelter
From her tears pouring and showering
Her deserted people
Her tears are calling my attention
That is why my head does not hang low
It only bows to check the time
On my golden watch

Yet the only gold I need to watch is up
Where her tears come from
Not on the ground of which I stand
Not on the ground of which others run
But on the ground my sinful nature
Bears no worthiness to stand
On the streets behind my pride
On the streets behind my fear
On the streets behind my shame
On the streets behind myself

The more I flick my wrist
To expose the watch upon it
The more I'm reminded that my time is borrowed
Merely loaned and with each tick
My heart tocs beseeching me to do more