Worship: the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity

Worship, as defined above by Google, is something I have been learning is more than singing. I was created to praise and worship the Lord, in that I am learning just how deep they both are. Since last week, I have been challenging myself to give the Lord praise every hour. I started really strong and only had issues remembering to when I was at work. Instead of beating myself up, I extended grace to myself and made it a point to praise every hour after work. I am going to take a deeper look at worship and share what I have found to be true about it.

Worship is a feeling or expression of reverence and adoration, when I worship the Lord, I am showing and expressing how much I love and appreciate all he has done for me. I am lifting my hands to say "thank you Father for your goodness" or I am writing this devotional to say "Lord you have given me words to share and so I will share". Worship is meant to be a personal experience with the Lord, it is not supposed to be limited to church.

The Lord wants us to worship at all times and in all that we do and that makes me think of Colossians 3:23 which reads, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters" – this is saying that no matter what I put my hands to I should do it and operate as though I am doing it for the Lord and not for those around me. If I am brushing my teeth, I should do it as if I am brushing them for the Lord, although that sounds silly I think that is what Colossians is saying here, I should wake up and go about my day as if I am living for the Lord, as a believer I should already live like that.

This is my reality, I get caught up in my job and with doing things for those around me and I forget that I am on this earth to bring glory to the Lord. I am on this earth to magnify the name of Jesus and to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). In forgetting, I stop doing things for the Lord and did things for others or for myself.

About a year ago, I was very frustrated with myself because I was only worshiping the Lord when a song was playing or when I was at church. I was frustrated because my spirit was telling me that was not what true worship was. I would be in church with lifted my hands or I would sing but most of my attention was given those around me, I was watching them and coveting their worship. I would say, Lord I want to worship like them. I want to cry and not run out of words" what I was really saying was I wanted the Lord to bless me for something that wasn't mine ad to look like someone else because that worship was better than my worship.

It wasn't until I decided to spend time in prayer that I was able to come to two realizations, the first being I was coveting someone else's authentic worship and wanting the Lord to bless it as if it were my own and the second was that my understanding of worship was obviously surface level and I needed to gain a deeper understanding. I asked the Lord to forgive me for coveting, I also asked that He would forgive me for my lack of understanding and how it made me view Him.

My view of worship made me think the Lord only blessed tears and raised hands. I felt the Lord wanted worship to look a certain way and I was not producing it within the parameters so I needed to look more like someone else for the Lord to be pleased – that is both sad and false! In fact, the Lord had to remind me what it truly meant to worship and what it truly looks like. As I opened my bible and began to pray for a deeper understanding, Colossians 3:23 came up, in it I saw how worship was supposed to look. Worship should be found in all that I do, if I am able to go about my day and do all the tasks and errands I have set out as if the Lord is asking me to, then I am worshiping the Lord. I am saying "Lord you have given me the ability to do this and I am doing it for you" I am also saying, "Lord receive this as my expression of adoration for you and who you are".

What I have learned is that worship is in fact more than just lifting hands and singing, it is a life style. I have also learned that worship does not come after a move of the Holy Spirit but it invites the Holy Spirit to move. I have been given a deeper understanding of worship but in the day-to-day of life, I have failed to use it consistently. I have decided I need to get back to true worship.

This week I will be reading and asking for a better understanding of one passage, Colossians 3. The highlighted verse was 3:23 but in order to have a full understanding I am going to be reading all of chapter 3.

I will also be asking these questions in prayer:

  • Lord, what does my worship look like now?
  • Lord, how do you want my worship to look?
  • Lord, am I worshiping to please man or to please you?

I will leave us with a prayer,

Father I thank You for Your loving-kindness and for Your grace. I thank You for the word You have left us, I pray that it would be my book of reference. I ask now that You would remind me of what it trully means to worship, would you fill me with an understanding that is so convicting i would act from it? I ask that You would help me see where I mixed up the truth with a lie, that I may correct the errors of my ways. I pray that I would live a life of worship and to have a heart of worship as well. I pray that I would want to worship because You are deserving of it and because that is what I was created for and that  would not worship just to check a box and consider it done. I pray that as I get back into the heart of worship it would not only be pleasing in Your sight but that You would meet me in my worship each day.

I pray and ask all of these thing in Jesus' name,