John starts this chapter with a proclamation. He is essentially announcing why he is a believer and what his goal is, along with those who are with him. He is making known to a people, first what he is doing based on what he has seen, heard and touched (1 Jon 1:1-2). Second, he is inviting them, all who hear his proclamation, to join him and to take part in fellowship with him. Third, he makes it a point to let them know there is joy in the place he finds himself. Fourth, he explains to them what the Gospel is.

When it comes to witnessing and evangelizing, it is important to remember our why. We are evangelizing and witnessing so that others may experience the joy we have come to know and so they may experience the fullness that comes from having a relationship with the Lord. It can be hard to do so if we start with the Gospel and then try to make it personal.

John spoke from personal accounts then led them to the source, and led them to the reason. It is possible to be personal without being selfish, John gave the perfect example. Lastly, John told them why it was worth following the Lord, because He is [the] light!

Look at your approach to non believers or to witnessing and evangelizing, are you making a proclamation that is calling people to yourself or are you making a proclamation that is calling people to the Lord?

I will leave us with a prayer,

Lord, I thank you for your loving-kindness and for your grace. Thank you for another breath of life and for forgiving me of my sins. I thank you for the clean slate you have given me today and ask that I would leave yesterday in yesterday. Now Lord I ask that you would help me make proclamations that call people to you and not to myself. I pray that I would speak to how you are a personal God that longs to be with His children. I ask that you would help me keep the announcement about you and not so much about me. Would you help me see the line between personal and selfish, that I may clearly see it. All I am is because of you and for that I say thank you!

I pray and ask all of these things in Jesus' name,