In the Dark
When it is dark outside I do not like to drive. I become anxious and drive too close to the steering wheel. One time in particular, I was driving around 5 am and
why here? why now?
the ground not as uncomfortable as expected. pieces of a story lie about. sometimes catching a breath of a passerby and dancing on the clouds. a short distance covered by a single breath.
What Do I Want More Than Freedom?
I realized a few days ago that I sometimes want to be sad and when given an opportunity to leave my sadness, I choose to stay. Why might I want to stay in
Tell Me When
tell me when does a word turn into a pen?                    an open mouth a seventeen lined poem,                   a thought a fifteen page paper describing                    what a mess my mind is and how I
completely wrapped and covered in the love of Jesus. in peace. in comfort of the Holy Spirit. in protection. in the truth of Jesus. unable to break free from His grasp. His hands.
Who Gives?
who gives and takes away;     who tells the portion where it should go,     when to lessen its load   when to release in full,     where it shall land and where to remove. who gives
to follow is to listen. placing trust in the voice and in the one before you. have you any hope in what they say? have you any questions; looming in your mind; enchanting
My fíance and I recently adopted a kitten. Prior to picking her up, we went to get some essential things for her. A litter box, food, a toy and cat litter. What we
a poem.
I AM your rest draw near and I will provide. I AM your trust confide in me and I will answer. I AM your peace make known your cares and I will comfort.
Today I have realized that my insecurities are a product of my unbelief in who God says I am. Today I am wrestling with insecurities that I have not really wrestled with since
There is a freedom that comes with remembering things. Even painful and traumatic memories can lead to freedom. The freedom comes when I invite the Lord to be with me. Lately the Lord
in the inner man a sweeping a draining a purging in the inner man a mist a sprinkle a downpour inside of me // a change // a breaking // a freedom // a newness
Same Tears
I've cried these tears before/ They are nothing new/ But the year on my calendar has changed/ At one point the tears stopped flowing/ But my cries were still heard I've cried these
Weathering the Storm of Worry
I worry when I cannot see the plan. When things seem too blurry to comprehend, I start asking questions and thinking "God where are you", my prayers are filled with my unbelief. Imagine

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