Displace: to move, shift, or force from the usual place or position

Misplace: to put into a wrong place

These past few months have been a time of reflecting on just how much I truly believe the word of God and how much I trust Him. In November my husband and I came home one night to a busted patio door, stolen laptops and a ransacked bedroom. In the middle of it all, our kitten was frightened so much that she eventually ran out and away. We were robbed. We were in shock.

Fast forward to now (January 2022) and we are still in a place of "where do we go from here". Despite being broken into, my husband and I managed to pray for those who came into our residence, start to replace what was taken and look for another place to live in. One night, I was preparing for bed and I felt I heard the words "being displaced is not the same as being misplaced". We have been fortunate enough to stay with family as we are in this transition and when you are not in your own space, you begin to feel it after a little time. On that particular night, I was feeling the truth of not being in my own space, but as a subtle and gentle reminder that the Lord is with us I heard those words. Although my husband and I are displaced, moved, shifted from our usual place, we have not been misplaced, put into a wrong place.

The Lord is with us. He has been with us this entire time. How else would we have been able to not be home when it happened? How else would we have been able to have a place to stay in the meantime? How else would we have been able to stay as stress free as possible (we were stressed and overwhelmed but we have not stayed there)? How else would we have hope? How else would we still pray and seek the Lord's face for what to do next and where to look for housing? How else?

My perspective needed to shift so my actions could stay in Christ. In hearing those words, my mind was challenged to stay in a place of positivity and in a place of submission to the Lord. In keeping my mind submitted to Him, doubt worry and fear were unable to consume me. How do I know this? Because if this had happened to Jasmine a year ago, worry and stress would have clouded my mind so heavily I would have never processed the situation. Instead, I decided to pray, the night we got back as we waited for the police to show, I stood outside with my husband and prayed, not for us but for the people who entered our residence. After they came, I prayed we would be able to find a place. I prayed after a breakdown at a gas station, I prayed for my husband and I prayed for myself. I have continued to pray and I do not plan to stop until we have received what we heard the Lord speak to us, "I have a place for you", once we enter that place, I will keep praying.