Morning seems to come quicker
than night likes to stay

The stars decide they need sleep too
And hide behind the clouds while the sun yawns

Sending the birds of the air into their daily routine

The trees respond to the sudden music found
Weaved between their branches, bellowing from inside their trunks

A new day, a new day it sings

That song, that same song finds my ears
But hits a different pitch and key

The song in my ears resembles that of an empty
Stomach found on the body of a 2 month old life

From the depths of their trunk, that morning song rings
With this song come slightly new lyrics and melodies

A wailing of hunger and a tear falling shrill of desire
Fill my ears and pull at my nipples reminding me

The morning no longer wades its way into my home
It is no longer a lazy stroll to sun shine

Instead it is now a full deep rush of a wave
Pushed by the demand to care

To care just a little more than before

To care and to see, to care to see and to attend
To the needs of someone other than my sleep