I miss my mom.

I miss my mother so much, I often don’t think about her.

I miss my mom so much, it takes stumbling across an old picture for me to remember her face.

I miss my mom so much, a trip to YouTube reminds me of what her voice sounded like.

I miss her so much, stories from my sisters remind me of her full smile.

The month of April brings full bloom to sadness or lack of remembrance of memories that seem to fade more each day.

And August, August seems to Fall harder than Spring as my eyes water the ground of mourning I sometimes find myself resting on.

I miss my mother — sometimes my friends miss her more than I do and many never met her,

Yet they remind me of a pain I most times am numb to or maybe so used to I forget to feel it.

I miss my mom, I wonder how she would respond to Grandma.

would it be as much of a shock to her as it is when I say “yes” to mama?