Your patience with me
Smooth, flows over every hard “no”
Dismantles every “please stop”
Sees the fear behind those words
For hugs never did me any harm
Kisses on the shoulder, arm or neck
Were never stolen or felt hard
For yours are the only ones I have known.

Fear not from past tears nor past pain,
Fear that a good thing could actually stay good,
Fear that my tenderness would be seen and cared for,
Fear that I could put my armor down,
Take off my strong face and hard exterior,
And let myself soften in you.

In arms that have promised to hold and not drop,
In love that promised to try and work, not waiver,
In a smile that says I can trust, no worry of deceit,
In a mind submitted to Abba Father, not to selfish gain.

Your patience,
Smooth as whipped shea butter
Applied to the hard parts of me,
Helps me soften.