completely wrapped and covered in the love of Jesus.

in peace.

in comfort of the Holy Spirit.

in protection.

in the truth of Jesus.

unable to break free from His grasp.

His hands.

swaddle me O' Lord, until I am covered fully in you. that my feet may run not. that my hands control not. that my eyes may watch in wonder and my mouth speak of your works. that my mind may rest, and rest in you.

i do not remember the last time i was swaddled but if i had to guess it would have been when i was still a baby. i swaddle my cat when i want to get work done. not just for the sake of swaddling but also for my protection, her claws are super sharp!

the same way i swaddle my kitten to calm her and to give her the love and attention she wants and to protect myself from her sharp claws, i believe the Lord wants to swaddle me. not so much to protect Himself from me but to protect me from me.

swaddling as i understand it, is meant to make the child calm and help put them in a place that can provide them rest. by containing their hands and feet it limits their mobility. limited mobility may be met with some resistance; feet and arms trying to break free but once the swaddle is met with compliance rest is found. physical rest initially. mental rest follows.

i felt the Lord speak to me as I was swaddling my kitten. showing He wants me to have a desire to be swaddled by Him. a desire to be held and wrapped in His love. in His peace. not just a desire for me to be swaddled but a realization of His desire to swaddle me. to envelop me in Him. what a beautiful thing. a beautiful feeling. a beautiful image. to be swaddled by the Lord.

in this i hope to allow myself to be swaddled by the Lord. to allow my being to be wrapped in His being. after all He is the Creator of all things, including me. what better place to be? i want to rest in the truth that He does all things well. in the truth of Him not needing me but knowing He delights in me. to be so close to Him i hear His voice so clearly.

i will leave us with a prayer,

Father i thank you for your love for me. i thank you for your kindness. i pray i would allow myself to be swaddled by you. to allow myself to rest in you and to see you move in my life. i ask that you would increase my desire to be close to you. to know your voice and to trust in you. it is in you that i live, move and have my being and i pray that i would not forget that. i pray that i would not get caught up in the things and the to-dos that i forget you and forget to rest in you. i thank you for what you are showing me and where you are calling me. i pray that i will be like a child and allow you to cover me in you that i may find rest and safety in you.

in Jesus' name i pray, amen.