there is a certain freedom in the unknown.

I regret the day I choose to find out.

the day i chose to let my circling thoughts get the best of me,

the day i decided in order to silence the questions

was to find a way to provide answers.

answers to what you might ask,

answers to the future and what it might hold,

searching for answers to the millions of what-ifs

taking residence in my mind.

the darkness of the unknown can be haunting

when you typically desire to plan and to be aware,

even the slightest bit of direction is coveted

and desired, gives space for one to breathe.

i wish i was more comfortable in the uncomfortable.

i wish i could sit in an unknown place and not

swivel here and there trying to name the place

or make sense of the different things around me.

i wish i had space to breathe freely

where there was too much space,

where there was nothing taking up room

where the walls were there and then gone

in an instant without explanation.

i wish i was comfortable just being.

being here. being there. being anywhere.

there is a certain freedom

in the unknown,

this I desire to know.