no plans were made. no dates were set. no new conversations were had. no times were set. no preparations were made. nothing was set in stone. yet you came.

you are coming. life has been created. life is being created. you are coming. unexpected. unprepared i am. but you are coming. unexpected love. unexpected joy. unexpected adventure. unexpected lessons. unexpected bonding. unexpected laughter. unexpected tears. unexpected cries. but you are coming. so am i. so are we.

i am coming to love the unexpected you. the unprepared me will find the way. i am coming to expect an experience unlike any other. i am coming to expect you. who you will be.

we are coming. the unprepared we will journey with you together. we are coming into a newness. we are coming into knowledge. we are coming into deeper shared experience. we are coming with love. with love we are coming to give to you. even now as your life is being developed. as your personality it being shaped. we are coming with love. we will toss our fear to out the window. we will place our words in trust. we are coming to love you already.

you are coming. unexpected.

we expect more love. more laughs. more family.