Monotone is a word used
To describe a sound that stays
In one pitch and one tone
It's never easy to know
If the speaker is happy or sad
Some might even say they are
Being sarcastic
Speaking in a way
Conveying no emotion
I call it being bland
Speaking blandly
She sounds bland
That describes the way
I speak and write
From time to time
I surprise myself
When I actually say something
And show emotion through my voice
A friend of mine
Had an amazing and
Life-changing moment
I had the opportunity to witness
And be a part of said moment
When it came time to rejoice
Celebration from me
Sounded different
Than celebration from others
It sounded so different
I decided to add more excitement
And less me to my celebratory chant
She looked at me
Made the "now why in the world
Would you do that" face and said
That was so fake
it was more genuine the first time
Don't do that again
I laughed it off
Knowing she was right
Thankful she didn't condemn me
Sometimes I re-read written
Conversations often referred to
As texts or text messages
The way I compose my texts
Is so different than most
In times of excitement
I used periods because
Exclamation points just aren't
As excited as I feel they should be
Yet in the moment I don't
Always realize how a period takes away
From any excitement I want the other
Person to see and hear
I think of how different it would read
If there was an exclamation point
Yet the period is point blank
Or better yet
Point bland.
I'm not sure how to liven my speech
Nor do I have a solution to my weird
Period and exclamation point thing
What I do know is
Often while reading a poem aloud
I don't always sound as exclamative
As i should which makes readers
Question my use of the punctuation
Mark included at the end of a line
Question marks are always
A part of my feedback on workshops
They usually are behind another
Punctuation mark
Questioning its motives
I am bland
Dry cut and straight to the point
My blandness creates a lot of laughter
But only to stop the internal pondering
Of why I speak as I do
Of why I sound as I do