Jasmine Rose
An emerging poet and writer.
God Cares: About My Self Image
The bible talks a lot about how the sons and daughters of Christ, are created in His image. It also talks about denying self and putting on the likeliness of Christ. If it
God Cares: About my Feelings
I have a hard time communicating feelings I have when they involve another person. I fear hurting them or them not receiving what I have to say. Sometimes I fear that by me
God Cares: About My Hobbies
I asked the Lord to reveal to me some of my passions, things I liked or enjoyed that I had no idea about. Here I am now, a few months after praying that
When will my time be over I have wrestled and tried to stand tall My feet fail me and my mind is weak Your truth It comes and goes just like the waves
I Don't Mind Waiting
"I don't mind waiting" this is the response I gave the Lord not too long ago. Ever since, I have been wrestling with not being frustrated in this waiting. God is stretching my
A Prayer
Father, I come to you in my dry place and I call on your name. I am in need of your guidance and of your strength. I have been struggling to use the
I want to be perfect. I try not to make mistakes. My biggest fear is disappointing others. I am a rule follower, to break the rules is to be imperfect. I want to
Gifted but not called
I am realizing with the help of the Holy Spirit that being gifted and being called are two different things. When I was in the 10th grade, I sat outside my house and
a prayer
a tiny box lies open before me, i am unsure of what to put inside, maybe i will offer a cry, a shedding of tears; a letting go of feelings too strong to
Distressed but not Alone
I have been having a hard time at work. I no longer enjoy the workplace I once enjoyed. One day during a lunch break, I decided to seek the Lord's face about my
Sometimes I try
I try hard to win the approval of those around me, especially those who are close to me. I have been trying hard to please a particular group of people in my life,
Help! I need help with being helped.
Asking for help has been difficult. I think it has been challenging for a few reasons and they are based on my view and perspective of what it means when I say "hey
Hiding - Hidden - Unseen
I run. Towards the forest and the trees. Towards the rivers and the lakes. Towards the desert and the hills. Towards the deep and the plains. I sink. Deeper into the black. Further
Live [Abundantly]
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly." – John 10:10 NRSV I think it is pretty clear in this

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