A Prayer

A Prayer

Father, I come to you in my dry place and I call on your name. I am in need of your guidance and of your strength. I have been struggling to use the gifts you have given me, more specifically; the gift of writing. I feel my desire has been taken away and I am left dry. My mind draws a blank when I sit before an open page, would you give me the words Father?

I have prayed and I have also lost hope, I ask that you would revive in me what I feel has died. I want my hands to write what you would have them to. I submit my self give authority over my hands to you. I submit my mind to you, and I ask that you would give me thoughts and ideas that come from you. I want to write with a passion and a desire that cannot be quenched, by feeling nor by circumstance.

This is my prayer Lord, for you to fill my cup. I pray that your words would lead my hands and that your love would guide my pen. I ask that you would forgive me for any ways that I have not been a good steward over this gift and I ask that you would help me to use it according to your will and not mine.

I thank you for keeping me and for never leaving me. I trust that you will speak to me and guide my mind and my hands to do your will.

I pray and ask these things in Jesus' name, Amen

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