I often search my mind for memories of you,

Sometimes I find them easily, a flower bud at the first of Spring,

Other times the search is more difficult, - a green leaf in the middle of Winter.

There are times I recall your laugh or smile or a piece of a conversation shared, randomly.

When I remember you I am reminded of the reality of heaven,

How this earth is not where my memories begin and end of you.

One day, maybe soon; who can tell when, I will see you again,

It won't be in my faint memories of you or of him,

I will see the two of you while we sing and remember the pain of losing you no more.

We will be together again but not as I remember,

Together in a much better way, once again singing praises

To the one who made you my mother,

To the one who let me call you brother.

No more memories; faint, hard to recollect or forgotten.

No need to convince myself you were real,

No need to feel bad for the times I have forgotten you,

No need to ponder the ebb and flow of sorrow this year and peace the next

As the dates of your passings come again, year after year.

No need, no need at all.

For heaven is real, so are you, so am I and my memories of you.