A friend asked that I would write what the expression "fill my cup, Lord" meant to me. To me, saying fill my cup Lord, is a cry for the Lord's help because where I am needs change and most importantly, what I have is not enough.

Maybe my resources (joy, peace, love, self control,etc) have been depleted or are close to being gone. Or maybe I am feeling weak and none of the scriptures I read seem to be lifting me up. Maybe my desire to be with others has dwindled. Or maybe my desire to meet with the Lord in prayer and read His word has decreased, one day without praying has turned into weeks without praying. In this time, saying fill my cup Lord sounds like, "Lord I need you! I need more of you. I need more joy, peace, desire, encouragement. I need what only you can give me. Would you give me more of you? I have given all I have, I need more of you, that I may keep going."

It has been particularly hard for me to spend intentional time in prayer lately. In my current spiritual place, saying fill my cup, Lord is me admitting that I have too much "me" in me. I am the solution to a problem. I am the problem. I am in need of. I do not need. I have noticed how my thought processes and actions reflect a "me" that is bigger than the Lord. As I ask the Lord to fill my cup, I pray, "Lord fill my cup with you. Fill my cup with your word. Fill my cup with your truth. Fill my cup with your promises. Fill my cup with your guidance".

Fill my cup, Lord!