My feet seem to know the destination
My mind is trying to locate
My arms are pumping themselves today
My legs are moving in sync with my other limbs
As if stopping like I want   would somehow
Be more detrimental than continuing

This is the day!

When the scariest thing I've tried to run from
Comes running to me    a head on collision
Indeed I should have been better prepared
I should have done a few practice drills
I should have created a way of escape
For this very moment
But here I am

This is the day!

I can feel the stress sweat bead my brows
Yet I cannot wipe it away
My hands are too busy encouraging my arms
To keep swinging and pumping
As a result of my inability to stop myself
My heart seems to be with my mind
Racing    searching    for a truth that seems
To be more of a myth than reality
There in front of me    about 100 feet    I find it
Sitting nicely by the grass
Separated by its blockiness and saunter

This is the day.

I jump off a bridge
        to land in safety