1Samuel 26

Once again Saul is pursuing David. Some of his men have gone out and found where David and his men have been camping out and reported it to Saul.After David's location is disclosed to Saul, Saul and his troops decide to go camp near by to kill David. Just as Saul found out about David's location, David has found out Saul is near by. He and one of his men go to Saul's camp.

The man with him (Abishai) said he could kill Saul with one try. Yet David said no, he reminded him that Saul was still a child of God (26:9). He went further and said if he is to die it would happen in the Lord's time and if he were to kill him it would go against the Lord's will. David decided only to take Saul's spear and water jug (26:12).

Instead of ending Saul's pursuit by killing him in his sleep, David once again decided this battle was not his to fight so he walked away. He placed distance between Saul's camp and himself and called to them until they answered. He rebuked Saul's men and then asked Saul why he was pursuing him again. At the end, David went back to his people. Saul and his camp went back to their homes. David chose mercy when he could have chosen victory.

Mercy: compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm (thanks Google)

If you look at those around you, are there any people you can extend mercy to? If so, ask the Lord for compassion and forgive them and show them the mercy the Lord shows you!

I will leave us with a prayer,

Lord I thank you for your word. I thank you for the wisdom you have given me. I pray and ask for you to increase the compassion in my heart for those who have mistreated me, those who have spoken negatively about me, those who seemed to chase me about, and to those who have tried to bring me harm. I ask that you would help me forgive them. Would you help me see that they are still your children and still deserve you love from me despite their actions and words toward me? I pray that you would help me extend mercy to them. Would you remind me that your mercies for me are new every morning and for that I should extend mercy to others as well?

I pray and ask all of these things in Jesus' name,