I have been studying the book of Malachi lately. In the first chapter I noticed the word of the Lord was given to Malachi for the people of Israel. When I started the second chapter, I noticed the word of the Lord given to Malachi was directed specifically to the priests. This made me think of how the Lord speaks to us in direct ways. He addresses us by name and that comes with a certain responsibility, the responsibility to respond.

I stopped there in reading and sat with that for a moment. When I think about the ways the Lord has spoken to me I can say He spoke to me directly, there was no mistake that He was speaking to me. That made me think about my response to Him, whether I responded at all and if I did, what it looked like.

The way I respond to the Lord, is a reflection of my heart toward Him. I think it also shows how much I trust Him and in response to that, it determines how much He will trust me with.

Is it possible that the Lord has been speaking, instructing and trusting me based on my responses to His call? Is it possible that I have not been given more because the Lord is waiting for me to be trustworthy over the little He has already spoken or instructed me to do?

Is it possible that my response to the Lord is a reflection of my heart and trust in Him?

I want to respond to the Lord with willingness no matter what it is He is asking of me, speaking or instructing me to do. I want to respond to the Lord with joy and with excitement for what is to come. I want to respond with thankfulness that He finds me trustworthy. I want to get to a place where my trust in the Lord is greater than any fear or discomfort.

I want to encourage you to listen to Respond by Travis Greene after reading this and think about what your response to the Lord will be this week.

I will leave us with a prayer,

Father I thank you for speaking to me. I thank you for trusting me as your servant. I thank you that you delight in speaking to me. I pray I would be obedient and respond to your call and your voice with willingness. I pray you would help me to become faithful over few that you may make me ruler over many. I pray that as you call me this week I would respond with a pure and thankful heart. I ask that I would begin to trust myself the way you trust me. That as you continue to speak to me directly, I would not look to the left or right, but that I would look directly at you and answer with a yes. Would you help me to lay every fear, worry, doubt and anxious thought at your feet that I may only have room for your peace, comfort and trust.

I pray and ask all of these things in your son Jesus' name, Amen