1Samuel 24

In the last chapter we see David is running from Saul. In this chapter David is still running. Saul is determined to find David and his men and kill them. He is still wrestling with the truth of how much the hand of the Lord is on David.

David had the opportunity to kill Saul but he decided against it. In the fight or flight situation, David fought within himself and came to the conclusion it was best to flee from the on going chase between him and Saul. My guess is David realized this was not a battle for him to fight but a battle between Saul and God. Saul's issue was not really with David but it was with God's blessing on David's life. I think David noticed Saul's issue was not a personal issue, forgot along the way (as we saw last week, Jonathan went to David to help him seek the Lord and his initial decision to cut a piece of Saul's robe) then the Lord reminded him who Saul was really upset with (24:7). In the end an oath was made (24:22).

When you look upon your life, can you find any situation where you feel you are being pursued out of your comfort? Think about David's situation and how yours may be similar. I encourage you to choose to fight or to flee only after seeking a deeper understand of why you are being pursed.

I will leave you with a prayer,

Father I thank You for Your love and for Your mercies that are new each morning. I also thank You for Your spirit that lives inside of me and helps guide me to Your  will. I ask for an increase in discernment. That as I seek You while I am being pursued You would speak to me clearly. Would You give me the strength to fight when I need to and the courage to flee when the battle is actually Yours to fight? I also pray and ask for Your protection, we see time and again how You provide shelter to those in need, how You have given David and his men places to hide along the way, would You do the same for me?

I pray and ask all of these things in Jesus' name,