Summer Sun
She arrives boldly.
She brings light and clothes me in warmth.
I feel her.
I peer at the light blue barn.
Her heat waves vibrate  within trapped air. I stand and embrace her.
She burns my skin,
but I hope she does not shy away —
for I love her still.
She makes me happy.
I can not look up at her,
but I know she is here.
She always visits at the end of June. When people BBQ,
and play tunes.

Mother Sun
She breathes life into me
Even when she is not at her peak during summer sun
Her presence turns water to steam and vapor
She gives birth to various life forms
To me, to you, to the flowers of the field
She moves and she sways.
Never once it seems – shifting her gaze.
Her neutrality remains a wonder; her temperature bringing forth life but could also tear life asunder.

American Honey
Love me under the summer sun
Wrap your arms around me
Kiss me in the backyard & run
Before my neighbors, & my parents see
Meet me out behind your daddy's tree
There we'll hide
And when we're older – we'll love inside