I don't trust my mind

In it can be found

All I try to hide

I often stare off into space

Allowing my mind to do its thing

One thought turns into several

Next thing I know there's a movie playing

A romance movie

My thoughts make out with one another

Sometimes in dark allies

Next to overflowing trash cans and stray cats

Where the truth cannot be seen

Other times in well-lit hallways

Where my flesh watches

Pressed up against a navy-blue locker

With a box of buttered popcorn

In hand

My brain and my conscience walk

Often at different paces

Down long dry country roads

Or in empty fields

Where ears of corn could be standing, listening

To all of my thoughts

My mind is really able to go

A mile a minute

After going into a daze

I find myself thinking

How can this be, mind always racing

Never toward a finish line

I never seem to finish a line

AKA train of thought

Because my mind derails

Now I'm off course

Not knowing how to stop

I shake it off, refocus

An emergency break

From my wandering thoughts

This. Is. Every. Day.

Not sure how or when

But I need to sit

In silence

Not the thought of it

The repeated thought of it

Seems to only be

I thought of it

Convinced myself I was in it

More than a thought of it

There it goes again


On the task at hand

Never get sidetracked

We know how that will go

Beside the track my train

Will go

I don't trust my mind

Although I often spend my time alone

In a room, sometimes empty

Always full of my thoughts, Movies

In my mind

Nothing hides

No pain, no fear, no doubt

They are often caught

In the well-lit afternoon

When the rest of my thoughts

Hide until after noon

When the sun has tanned

I don't trust my mind

Too many thoughts

Go there to be entertained