I am seen.

I have always wrestled with being seen. I have never really been the outgoing and extroverted person, I am more reserved and to myself. I prefer to be in the back and I stray away from being the center of attention.

While these things are true, I have also come to realize that being seen is something I want deep down. I want to know that others care, that they see me and know when I am around or when I am not. I want to know that I matter to those who are around me and those I care for.

I find that sometimes I want to be seen by others more than I want to be seen by God. That is obviously not how my mind should think but that is the truth. I have spent the greater part of my life trying to make sure I am loved, liked and approved of by others, that my desire to be seen by God has lost its importance. I feel this week the Lord has wanted me to know that He sees me always.

I have been tasked with being in the place where the Lord is more than enough, that the approval of others does not matter more than the truth that the Lord loves me, just as I am and there is nothing else I need to make Him love me. My heart longs to be able to see this truth each day and to work less to win the approval of those around me. To be content in the way the Lord loves me and in that truth. To be content in fact that I am seen and perfected in Christ.

I will leave us with a prayer,

Father, I thank you for the ways you love me. I am thankful for the ways you see me and know me intimately. I pray that I would no longer seek the approval of man more than I seek your approval. I pray you would help me be safe and secure in you and in your truth. I pray you would shower me with your love and that I would be more able to feel it and see it.

I pray all of these things in your son Jesus' name,