There was a once a day
when the sun would show strong

stronger than the black stain
against my white shirt

stronger than the tears
in my eyes

there was once a day
everything was clear

no smears on my look on life
smudges on my perception of love

there was once a day
all I needed was a hug

stood with open arms
to receive the thing I needed the most

To be embraced
hear a voice in my ear

As arms capsuled my very being
me all together

saying softly
will be alright I promise

there was no fear of being let go
to deal with the things avoided

interactions with others
speaking looking in the mirror

What happened

to the innocence
was it defiled

take me back to that day
the sun shone only a little

revealing only pieces of itself
thoughts of preserving the rest for another day

when I did not have to choose what to share
i was as open as a mustang on the fourth Monday in May

remind me of the fireworks
up the hidden places

allowing me to speak on them
comfort and in peace

knowing the colorful lights
celebrated my openness

What happened

to the joy once found in the isolated moments
solitude was desired more than wanting to be seen

did things change when you had your first kiss
it the day you decided to commit to someone

before understanding what was truly being asked
it the day you heard no but felt yes

What happened

to the days that passed
one book at a time

when thoughts were kept clean
desires were worth speaking of

what happened?